Tattoo FAQ's

Q - How do i choose a tattoo Artist?

A - Get recommendations from tattooed friends or search for tattoo artists on Google. You'll probably want to check their website out. Please bear in mind though, websites might not be updated very regularly. Once you've found someone whose style appeals to you and their work looks good; find them on Facebook. This is pretty important! A good tattoo artist should have an active and busy Facebook Page. This is where you will see what the tattoo artist is currently producing (or not) and what the feedback from clients has been. Another great tool is This website ranks each tattoo artists in an area based on a variety of social media statistics.

Q - Where do I begin with designing my tattoo?

A - If you have a design that you want done, then it's pretty easy • Contact your tattoo artist, discuss the design, the size, placement and cost. If you have ideas but not a design • Contact your tattoo artist. Discuss your ideas and make an appointment for a free design consultation if necessary.

Q - What do I need to do before I come for my tattoo?

A - Make sure you do the following before arriving for your appointment:
• Get a good night's sleep.
• Have a meal before arriving for your tattoo.
• No alcohol before your tattoo. Even better, no alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo.
• The above results in a tattoo that is less painful to receive and heals better.

Q - Do I need to bring anything with to my tattoo appointment?

A - Bring something sweet. Chocolate and a Coke are good. Even though tattoo pain is NOT unbearable, it can cause your blood sugar to dip. A sweetie helps get it back on track. Bring or wear old, comfortable clothing.

Q - How do I look after my new tattoo?

A - Tattoo aftercare is more than 50% of the work! Always listen to the tattoo artist that gives you your tattoo. There are various tattoo aftercare methods; divided into two main categories:
• Wet healing
• Dry healing

Don't listen to your friend's suggestions! Just follow your tattoo artist to the letter. Touch ups are usually free for a year, IF you follow the instructions.

Q - How long does it take to heal?

A - Initial healing is about a week. After that expect soft peeling for another week or two (sometimes longer depending on the person). Tattoo is completely settled and healed fully after 3 months! Don't book a touch up before then.

Q - Can you tattoo over mole?

A - Tattooing over moles does not cause cancer! Tattooing over a mole is not recommended because if you are prone to cancer, changes will be hard to notice on a mole that has been inked.

Q - How does the sun or sunbeds affect tattoos?

A - Sun and sunbeds are bad for new and old tattoos! It will cause the tattoo to fade. Factor 50 sunscreen is recommended for fully healed tattoos. New tattoos should not be exposed to the sun at all. Sunscreen can only be applied to new tattoos after the peeling stage is finished.

Q - Do tattoos hurt?

A - Yes. But it is not unbearable! Some areas of the body are more tender than others. But even this varies from person to person.

Q - Why are great tattoos expensive?

A - In addition to the obvious overheads there are hidden expenses and investments of time that you don't see when you are getting a tattoo. A tattoo ARTIST is very mindful of the fact that this is a lifetime Art Investment. A permanent entry in the journal that is you. Bargains are for Flea Markets, not tattoos.

Q - What is the best time of year to get tattooed?

A - You can get tattooed at any time of year. Winter months make the healing of tattoos a little easier because the sun is not as intense and the urge to soak in the pool or sea is not there.

Q - Where should I place my tattoo?

A - For first time tattoos, it is recommended (but not essential) that you get your tattoo in a place that you can see it. Discuss placement of your tattoo with your artist. Some areas are more tender than others.

Q - Can I get tattooed if I am sick?

A - It is not a good idea to get tattooed if you are unwell. Besides that fact that you would not want to make your artist sick, your body will not be able to heal the tattoo very well if it is busy fighting a virus or bacteria.

Q - When can I shave over a tattoo?

A - You can shave over a tattoo once the tattoo is finished with the peeling stage. This is 2 to 3 weeks after the tattoo is finished. Obviously you can shave around the tattoo.

Q - Can I get a tattoo if I'm pregnant?

A - No. Tattoos do put stress on the body and if you are pregnant you would not want to do anything unnecessarily stressful to your body. Even if the Doc says you can, don't do it.

Q - Am I allowed to drink alcohol before being tattooed?

A - No alcohol before. In fact it is best to have no (or very little) alcohol for 24 hours before you get tattooed. Besides the obvious risk of making bad tattoo decisions, alcohol does thin your blood and will affect how the tattoo heals.